Nutritional, Herbal  & Energetic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine aims to treat the root cause of an underlying condition using the tools of nutrition, herbal medicine, energetic medicine such as homeopathy and flower essences, and lifestyle. The premise of Naturopathy treatment is based around treating the person individually and as a whole - that is, that everything is connected and so in the treatment of the root cause, symptoms in other body systems will also cease and lasting wellness is restored.

Begin by booking an initial consultation. Bring any previous medical test results that are relevant or up to date,  and if possible, a diet diary of between 3-7 days of eating with as detail as possible. 

After the initial consultation, a follow up consultation is scheduled within the first two weeks of the program commencing, and then depending on your circumstances or condition, further tests, consultations and treatment programs will vary. 

All Naturopathy consultations are done at the Margaret River Wellness Centre - call (08) 9758 7888  for more information and to book your appointments. 


Physical and Energetic Movement

Yoga offers a vehicle to connect the body, mind and spirit. My teaching combines traditional yogic philosophy with Naturopathy knowledge, and modern movements.

I offer primarily Vinyassa and Yin based classes, designed to suit every body and every age.

Contact me directly to arrange classes, to inquire about where and when I am teaching or to schedule a private class.


Tailored Programs

The principles of Naturopathy and Yoga extend into my personal training programs. Whether it is to lose weight, gain a specific type of fitness, enhance mobility, joint or bone strength, train for a specific event or cross train with your sport, I will devise a program tailored to your physical body, your internal programming and hormones, your time and your preferences.


I am mobile and can meet you either at your residence, or at park or beach of your choice. I have found this to be particularly suitable to new mother's.


The training can be done with or without a naturopathy consultation, but combing the two will give me a more complete view of your health status and thus a better health program.

My approach to health and wellness entwines the wholistic principles of Naturopathy and Yoga to create comprehensively wholistic treatment strategies. Together, we will work towards your fullest and highest potential, enabling you to live your life with vibrancy, ease and happiness.  

Contact me for more information, or to discuss any health related queries before booking your first consultation.

See you soon! Georgie