Elemental is a work in progress, but the eventual goal is to create a complete healing space. A space that is built around inclusive community spirit, personal growth and knowledge and a sense of curiosity to explore the journey towards complete health. The model encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes in order to address and foster homeostasis at every level. 

A broad range of holistic services will be eventually offered, including not just those that are currently available within the realm of Naturopathy and Yoga, but also to widen the scope of practises to include other wholistic practises such as acupuncture, osteopathy, massage, chiropractic, ect. 

Alongside this will be a small cafe serving organic and locally sourced produce, and a range of locally produced goods such as those you might find at the local markets.

Most importantly, Elemental will provide a comfortable and inclusive space for all. It is a space to come read a book, work, play a board game with friends, have a coffee with your mum, buy surfboard wax, listen to live music - it is your lounge room, your office, your gym, your therapy.

As businesses, and indeed life, move toward the online arena, there are a lack of spaces that encourage face to face contact, friendships and collaborations, places that encourage unhurried conversation, reading time, contemplation or work without the pressures or distractions of the everyday. And as much as technology provides many positive benefits, our health is not one of them. We are physically heavier, sicker and less fit; mentally we are stressed to the point of  disease; and emotionally, many are left wanting for something more.

Creating a space that is built around face to face communication, connection and participation is thus more and more warranted.

The key concept underpinning Elemental is that of the whole; each cell plays a role in an individual body system, each body system plays a role in the overall functioning of the body, and each body plays a role in the overall health and happiness of the community. 

This is a big project, and I am only just beginning, so if you can help out in anyway, or have any suggestions I would love to hear from you!


I was a dancer all through my childhood and teenage years, and this fostered a strong, but not necessarily healthy relationship with my body and my health. From dancing, I eventually moved through the transitions to running, and then a gym junkie. After competing in fitness modelling competitions, and gaining the ever desired six pack and externally 'perfect' body, I realized that it meant nothing if I felt empty, weak and sad on the inside. A series of health problems arose out of poor training and dieting, and a complete lack of knowledge about proper HEALTHY nutrition - as opposed to depletion - and I set about to learn everything I could about wholistic health, wellness and living. 

Today, I practice from the inside out - the external body reflects the internal, emotionally, spiritually and physically. To achieve health, happiness and a full and content life can be approached from every level, but they all impact and entwine with each other.

My own teachers in both yoga and Naturopathy have given me tools to help my own journey and I aim to share my knowledge through a combination of service and education. I’m hugely passionate about healing and personal growth and I’m dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most effective and suitable way possible.